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If you are a teacher seeking to plan active, engaging, rigorous and memorable learning experiences, this book is for you. Written by leading practitioners from the UK and Aotearoa New Zealand, ‘Try This’ is a collection of forty tried and tested learning sequences, or ‘keys’, that will bring classroom learning alive.

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Suitable for experienced and beginner teachers alike, the keys can unlock learning across the curriculum. As well as engaging students in the subject matter, they will foster skills in listening, viewing, speaking, sorting, inference, writing, reading, enactment and storytelling. They also encourage collaboration, critical thinking, multiple perspectives, grappling with complexity, and reflecting on the process of learning itself.

Each adaptable key comes with two examples. Read the method, explore the examples, and you’ll soon be adapting to suit your own context. With advice on planning, tips on teaching and cultural safety, and ideas for sequencing multiple keys together, this book contains all you need to create hundreds of hours of high-quality planning and teaching.

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  1. Whakarongo Tauranga

    “The whole concept, including the metaphor of keys, is brilliant. It is like reading your favourite recipe book, with simple instructions that anyone can follow and return to time and again.”

    Whakarongo Tauranga, Associate Principal, Knighton Normal School, Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand

  2. Nicole Winter

    “What a stunning book this is! Will breathe life into children’s learning and joy into your teaching.”

    Nicole Winter, St Nicholas C of E Primary School, Wantage, UK

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