Keys examples

On this page is a full list of the “keys” found in the Try This book, along with a brief description. Click on key 2, key 4, key 6 and key 9 for free samples. Every key in the book is presented with two contrasting examples. Click on the titles for full details and credits and to access additional resources (if any).

KeyDescriptionExample 1 Example 2
GETTING STARTED1Tackle a problemBringing picture books to life by exploring the tension in the storyTreasures based on Taniwha by Robyn Kahukiwa‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne
2Experience the action
Getting inside the action of a story and adding something new‘Where the Wild Things are’ by Maurice Sendak‘City Dog Country Frog’ by Mo Willems
3Solve a clueCreating a story using a mysterious object or signThe mysterious eggA monster in the house
4Step into historyExploring a moment from the past from the point of view of someone who was thereChildren working in 19th Century coalminesCharles Kettle arriving at Ahimate
5Start a storyHooking interest in a real-world or imagined situation through storytellingDinosaur IslandFossil hunters
6Step into a momentStepping into a real-world or imagined situation and representing someone’s point of viewHaunui-a-NanaiaLady Macbeth
WORKING VISUALLY7Watch a drawing Drawing an image to introduce something new and intriguing in an inquiryThe dinosaur footprintThe school house
8Create a drawing Collaborating to create a visual image of something important to an inquiryThe wolfThe space station
9Study an imageUsing an image to stimulate discussion, introduce new content, and generate inquiry questions.Native Land CourtEvacuees
10Assemble an imageAssembling an image of a place out of a series of component partsThe old manor houseWild bird hospital
11Watch a film clipWatching the teacher enact something as if it were a piece of filmNews Footage: Bastion PointCCTV: The injured elephant
12Enact a film clipCreating an enactment of an event as if it were a piece of filmFeature film: Henry VIIITik Tok: critical literacy
13Enact a photographCreating imagined photographs of moments from an inquiryTitanicSpringbok tour
14Enact a portrait Representing a portrait of an important person Hoani Meihana Te RangiotuRosa Parks
WORKING WITH PLACE15Create a placeCollaborating to create a three dimensional representation of a real or imagined setting Te Āpiti – Manawatū gorgeVolcano island
16Create a settlementCreating a representation of a human settlement from a specific time in history and imagining the lives of the inhabitantsAn iron age SettlementPuketōtara settlement
17Enact a statue Examining a real-world statue, learning about the person represented, and exploring ideas for how other influential people could be commemoratedWilliam WallaceTe Peeti Te Awe Awe
18Enact an imageResponding to an existing image, and coming up with new images related to the same area of inquiryThe Great Fire of LondonRelief camp
19Create an objectImagining and drawing the things that might be found in a real-world or imagined settingThe Egyptian tombWhat’s on the beach?
ENGAGING WITH PEOPLE20Interact with someoneObserving someone in role as a real-world figure or imagined character, and engaging in a conversation with themFairy tale problem solversCecil’s signage
21Encounter someone Watching someone in role as a real-world figure or imagined character, and overhearing their thoughts to find out more about themCook’s CookThe fairy tale queen’s problem
22Describe someoneScrutinising someone in role as a real-world figure or imagined character, and describing in detail what they are doingThe princess in the towerThe pioneer farmer
23Study someoneStudying the body language and facial expressions of someone in role as a real-world figure or imagined character, and moving into role to interact with them The coronation of the young pharaohThe platinum prospector
24Study someone’s clothingUsing an item of clothing as the starting point for engaging with a real-world figure or imagined character, speculating about their life, and creating a narrative.The soldier’s scarfSuffragist’s skirt and bodice
GENERATING WRITING25Write some wordsGenerating uncomplicated pieces of writing, such as lists, labels and signs in response to an imagined situationThe fallen treeRescuing Jack from the giant
26Take some notesCarrying out careful listening and note taking in response to an scenario where complex information is sharedThe exhibition designersHe Ara Kotahi bridge
27Draw a plan Creating a plan for a structed piece of writing, based on a team response to a challenging taskTransporting an elephant to an animal reservePlanning a birthday party
28Overhear someone writingOverhearing someone in role as a real-world figure or imagined character, as they compose a piece of writing, and offering assistance and adviceFlorence NightingaleWriting to a relative overseas
29Write a newspaper articleCreating a quality piece of written work for a specific audience, through a process of research, drafting, review, and editing.Titanic, a newspaper reportSports scandal
30Describe an eventCollaborating on a piece of writing to describe a real world or imagined eventThe Roman legionThe flood
USING THE SENSES31Examine some clothingObserving and speculating about an item of clothing related to a real-world figure or imagined character, and generating a story about them The runawayThe injured soldier
32Create a diorama Retelling a story by representing a setting, characters, objects and events on a diorama Origin storyRama and Sita
33Read a signPondering the possible meanings for a mysterious sign as part of real-world inquiry or creative storytellingFootprintsThe protest march
34Engage with an artworkUsing the six dimensions of dramatic imagination to explore a work of artMusic: Wai by Hirini Melbourne and Richard NunnsA painting: Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by the Artist Joseph Wright of Derby
35Take different viewpoints Looking at a real-world or imagined event from multiple points of view over timeTrain crashFireworks
36Listen to somethingUsing a pre-recorded voice or sound as the starting point for creating a storyWiretapThe island at night
OPEN ENDED EXPLORATION37Explore a holePractising the skills needed to explore imagined worlds with other peopleThe cavers and the tunnels
38Give a giftPractising saying yes to ideas and giving and receiving offersJust what I always wanted!
39Occupy a chairPractising improvisation and creative thinking.What’s their story?
40Help someone understandPractising ‘flipping’ traditional power dynamics in teaching, learning and assessmentThe Palaeontologist