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‘Try This…’ UK Demo and Book Tour, 2024

16th January – Newcastle: St John’s Primary School
24th January – Manchester: Christ the King, Walkden
7th February – Shropshire: Morda Primary School
14th February – Norwich: St William’s Primary School
28th February – Halifax: Bradshaw Primary School
22nd May – Manchester: Christ the King, Walkden

Following the publication of our new book, ‘Try This… Unlocking Learning with imagination’, we are delighted to announce a demo and book tour for early 2024.

Come along and see the strategies detailed in the book used with students to develop meaningful and imaginative activities for curriculum learning. We will work with a class to build an imaginary context, incorporating their ideas and suggestions while weaving in curriculum outcomes.

These events will be an opportunity to see the work in action, ask questions, and understand how Dramatic-Inquiry and Mantle of the Expert can be used to develop the curriculum and engage children in learning.

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Rethinking Ed conference. London Sat 23rd Sept.

Introducing dramatic inquiry: Developing imaginary contexts for learning

Workshop – Room M27

Since the beginning of civilisation, people have used stories to organise knowledge, create meaning, and make information memorable. In dramatic inquiry, stories are the medium for learning. In this practical session we will explore how imaginary contexts for learning, involving the five elements of story – characters, location, events, time, and tension – can be used to generate engaging and purposeful activities for curriculum study.

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Workshops at the Dorothy Heathcote Now Conference, Aberdeen 5th – 8th October, 2023

Richard Kieran, Lisa Hinton, and Tim Taylor.

Richard and Lisa are from Woodrow First School in Redditch, where they use Mantle of the Expert from Nursery to Year 4.

The workshops will focus on the application of the conventions of dramatic action in Mantle of the Expert.
Providing a detailed exploration of an imaginary context used at Woodrow, based on Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky. Attendees will gain insight into how these conventions were integrated into the context and their role in fostering learning. Richard and Lisa will share planning materials and visual documentation of student work. The workshops will also address practical aspects of implementing Mantle of the Expert in mainstream schools, including assessment, timetabling, lesson planning, and behaviour management.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in live demonstrations illustrating how to use the conventions to create engaging and meaningful learning sequences.

Try This Book Tour Aotearoa 2023

To promote the release of their new book Try This… authors, Tim Taylor and Viv Aitken ran a series of workshops in New Zealand during July and early August 2023. These workshops explored the practical applications of the keys to create engaging fictional contexts for learning through imagination.